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Individual Tax Preparation (Basic)

**Price varies beginning at $80 for retirees with only SS income, increasing up to and above $300 depending on situation.
From $150.00 excl tax


From $20.00 excl tax

Corporate Tax Preparation (Basic)

*$450.00 = Includes analysis for the first 12 pages of bank statements *$600.00 = Includes analysis for 13 to 36 pages of bank statements *$800.00 = Includes analysis for 36 to 60 pages of bank statements *$10.00 = per page starting on page 61
From $10.00 excl tax

Tax Amendment (1040 Form ONLY)

*$250.00 = When original tax return was not prepared by Rymax *$150.00 = When original Tax Return was prepared by Rymax
From $150.00 excl tax

Tax Amendment (Additional Forms)

Call for pricing

Tax Copies

$20.00 excl tax

Document Translation

From $15.00 excl tax


From $45.00 excl tax


From $0.00 excl tax


*$1 per page
$1.00 excl tax

Copy & Print Service

*$1 per page **FREE to clients
From $0.50 excl tax

Mailing Services

From $5.00 excl tax

IRS Transcript Request

From $25.00 excl tax

IRS Payment

From $5.00 excl tax

Sales Tax

$75.00 excl tax

Phone / Online Services

From $1.25 excl tax

Document Filling

$5 per page
$5.00 excl tax


$20.00 excl tax

Extra - Document Filling

$165.00 excl tax

Immigration Services

From $100.00 excl tax

State Taxes 2021 & Tax Copies for 2021 and 2022

$250.00 excl tax

Income Tax & Tax Copies

$150.00 excl tax

Corporation Creation

$200.00 excl tax

Jhonas Marquez Chica

$170.00 excl tax

P&L Statements

From $650.00 excl tax

2hrs of IT support - Lina Vivas Maintenance Inc

Duplication of Laura's computer to Alex' computer.
$170.00 excl tax

Corporate Tax Services

$200.00 excl tax

Form Filling

$50.00 excl tax


$125.00 excl tax

Recommendation Letter

$25.00 excl tax

Immigration Services - Sofia Geronima Velasquez de Umanzor

$200.00 excl tax

NVC - Immigration Services

$500.00 excl tax

P&L Statements - Yenny Osorio

$250.00 excl tax

Notification of Owner of an Uncashed Check Form Filling and Submitting (online)

$20.00 excl tax